Creation of a new store concept design for the German department store giant. The design takes the name of Galeria Kaufhof as manifesto and uses the inherent duality of Gallery and Market-space as a dynamic driver for brand expression, design, offer and customer experience.

The stores are conceived as a light infused,open space with a curated offer of a gallery of brands and brand-spaces combined with a more flexible market space that can respond to new trends, start ups and pop ups to inspire the modern shopper. The unique vertical market installation combines with key touch-points at entry level to stage immersive fashion stories throughout the building and provide opportunities for further and lasting customer engagement.

ROLE: Design direction for CallisonRTKL

PHASES: Store concept design

DEPARTMENTS: Cosmetics, Perfumery, Bags, Jewellery, Women’s fashion, Architectural treatments

SITE: First implementation Duesseldorf Germany




Monsoon Accessorize wanted a new stand-alone store concept for their very successful children’s fashion range. Through a collaborative process of workshops with all creative key stakeholders in the process we arrived at the creative brief for the design team which focuses on the idea of a little house and imaginarium to house the collection.

The design concept starts off with a typical stylized Notting Hill - both the spiritual and actual home of MA- facade, which is over scaled as if seen through children’s eyes. This playful start carries though the interior fitting out and tone of voice, which - much like the children’s fashion collection - delights in a sense of party and playfulness, particularly in the treatment of fixtures, materials, details. We created moments of discoveries for assortment as well as zones of engagement for the little ones in the service zones to enrich everyone’s experience.

ROLE: Store Designer for Monsoon Accessorize

PHASES: Store concept design - Creating the brief - Concept Design

DEPARTMENTS: CHILDREN’S FASHION (Girls, Boys, Baby, Accessories, Shoes)

SITE: First implementation MIRFIF EUA



We were invited to create a shop concept for the Strenesse designer label. The store concept infuses the space with mystery, luxury and sensuality, translating some of the thoughtful care, craft and insight dedicated to the creation of the unique experience of wearing a Strenesse garment to the built environment. Customer’s love it.

Following the success of this concept Strenesse we also developed the identity of their Men’s fashion and Strenesse Blue label. The later celebrates a joie de vivre with a much more casual and irreverent approach and using iconic materials such as the slatted timbers that tie the interiors to the main label.

ROLE: Store Concept Designer in Cooperation with Blocher Blocher Partners

PHASES: Store concept design - Concept -Design -Detailing - Artistic supervision - Roll out

DEPARTMENTS: Ladies’ Fashion, Accessories, Shoes

SITE: Mannheim, Berlin and various sites across Germany and Europe



Next level offer to VTB24's mainline banking services, which provides customers with a highly personalized service in addition to service by appointment and personal banking.

Particular emphasis was given to ensure a high end quality feel to all customer touch points and the creation of different types of zones to give customers the choice on type, and speed of service and privacy depending on their needs. To allow the integration of the new privilege customer offers a central information, mobile banking and discovery zone was introduced to generate a seamless zone benefiting both customers.

We worked closely with the VTB24 banking group to evaluate their customers’ needs, generate new ways of thinking regarding the provision of services and supporting the in house team in the realisation of the new design concept.

ROLE: Design Director for concept design team in co-operation with Fitch

PHASES: Store concept design and branding - Concept -Design -Detailing and Guidelining- Artistic supervision for prototype outlet in Moskau

Areas of work: Logo and applications, Reception, Consultation, casual meeting and meeting rooms

SITE: All of Russia