First Instalment

October 2017 saw the first instalment of the new Galeria Kaufhof look on the Koenigsallee in Duesseldorf. The brand new cosmetics and perfumery departments feature 32 cosmetic brand shops and uniquely in an exclusive partnership with Galeria Kaufhof Germany wide a brand new Sephora shop. The next stages of the design concepts are due next year 2018

Hudson's Bay Company


With only a year development and building time the team at CallisonRTKL London and Dallas did the sheer impossible and conceived, designed and oversaw the building of 10 brand new department stores for Hudson's Bay Company in Europe. Since September 2017 the stores, mostly former V+D locations opened their doors to customers in 10 Dutch cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Almere, Leiden, Breda, The Hague, den Bosch, Maastricht, Tilburg, and Zwolle. Johanna initially supported the team on this project prior to looking after the Hudson's Bay development of their German Brand Galeria Kaufhof. Congratulations to the HBC team, this is surely a one of a kind achievement in the world of retail.


Very inspired by Diebedo Francis Kere's pavilion this year. The structure references a tree as a place where people gather. The building is sublimely constructed to sit lightly within the landscape with a generous reaching gesture that invites everyone passing to take a break within the protectively curved blue timber walls, which are themselves constructed from components resembling little trees.


The new courtyard to the V+A extension by Amanda Levete Architects opened this summer with intricate handmade tiling patterns, mosaics and angular cafe and access structures. Looking forward to seeing the new gallery once the first exhibition opens.


Finally got round to visiting the hive in Kew Gardens-wonderful structure! Click on the video to hear Wolfgang Buttress explain the structure it in his own words.